Data Optimisation

Data Optimisation: Content And Keywords

Author: Jerry Gough
Date: August 8, 2020

SEO organic ranking is an important element in promoting the website’s traffic. Content optimisation requires data analytics utilisation to effectively rank against other companies. It is vital for every company to deliver appropriate content and keyword focus to drive long-term gains.

There are various data sources available to use in helping a page rank. These sources are measured results of old contents, keyword ranking, website’s data and internal link data. These usable sources, when optimised properly, will result in a long-term gain.  

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 

SERP data is your starting point in creating good content and determining the right keywords you want to rank or found for. It will help you recognise the contents you have that gained authority and visibility online that you can make use of to build your page’s momentum. Consider contents such as blogs, images, videos, and among others that ranked in the top 20 search results.

Here are crucial steps to do in optimising SERP:

Step 1: Auditing

If you want to audit your webpage or blog post, conduct a technical SEO and keyword page audit to make sure complete optimisation. Identify the title tags, heading tags, meta description, image alt tags and schema markup.

Step 2: Creating Complementary Content

Arming your page with more complementary contents that contain keyword-rich and relating pieces to existing contents will drive a solid webpage foundation.

Step 3: Updating Existing Contents

It is important to update and expand information such as images, videos and contents from your old posts to optimise its usability, elevate components and enhance its overall appeal.  

Data Optimisation Keyword

SERPs are considered one of the best sources of potential links and drive possibilities of piggybacking on the authority of other content creators. SERPs reveal ideal platforms to share contents. You can choose websites such as magazines and blog pages that have high SEO ranking to boost visibility and authority on your own page.

Keyword Research Optimisation

Contents are SEO optimised by the correct use of keywords. It promotes organic visibility if short and long-tail keywords and keyword phrases are placed strategically. In doing keyword research, keyword validation and keyword discovery are combined to obtain an effective keyword.

To validate keywords, one must identify the right kind of keywords that will also be in relation to future topical variations. New keyword discovery, on the other hand, is based on the organic search behaviour of target market and competitive analysis.

There are many keyword research tools to use in order to efficiently determine search volume, keyword relevance, click-through rate, competition and organic traffic. Also, effective keyword research will demand content creators to review data acquired from research tools. Also, critically analyse the relevance of such results to the existing contents. Additionally, incorporate discovery data to new and existing contents of the website. Lastly, keywords must be on par to the search intent of the target visitors.  

Keyword Research Optimisation

Website Data Analysis

Data analytics will help in identifying the kind of contents to produce, promote and distribute. The first thing to do is to review the organic search landing page to forecast the most suited entrance page on your channel. The page must project strong search visibility. Also, it is vital to determine the relative low bounce rates, analyse pages per session and distinguish the area with high average session duration.

Same goes with SERP data, all the information gathered and considered must undergo a meticulous technical research, usability, and keywords audit to guarantee effective optimisation.  

Website Data Analysis

Inbound Link Data

Inbound links is another tool to utilise to help build a robust website. Examine the inbound links in your contents that shows or linked to other relevant pages. These links typically show significance, hence linked or added as an extension.
The truth of the matter is, links are not equal and has unique strong and weak points. So, understanding the idea of choosing the right link with high visibility and authority while having the relevant content is important.

Having multiple low-quality links on your content will serve you no purpose in contrast to having a few high-quality authoritative ones.

Effective content and right keyword focus are important in placing your page at the forefront. It will take a lot of effort analysing and determining the best approach for long-term benefits. But once your page is progressively gaining authority and visibility, sales will also start to move forward.  

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