Headless CMS

Headless CMS | The Key to Front-End Development Liberation

Author: Ainsley Peterson
Date: September 10, 2020

Content management systems (CMS) is a tool used to edit and publish content easily across the company’s website. It promotes a more user-friendly experience and allows individuals to have a basic grasp of coding to boost websites.

As the technological landscape evolves, so is CMS. With new innovations present, the limitations of CMS starts to show and it’s slowly becoming obsolete. This is due to the shift in online behaviour and mobile users are rampantly increasing. Thus, Headless CMS came into the picture. To remedy the predicament of website owners, online shop entrepreneurs and blogger the difficulty of optimising the website to become more mobile-friendly.  

What is Headless CMS?

Headless CMS is a totally different approach in contrast to CMS. It was designed to create contents that can flawlessly work across any platform or destination. The API’s are utilised to pull the content to any digital endpoint.

Headless CMS promotes flexible integrations of essential tools throughout the website. Also, users can execute single-page application editing and promotes headless personalisation. Headless CMS extends advantages to both end-users and developers. 

Headless CMS

Optimising Front-End Benefits

CMS’s limitations to manage content to push to the website and document management system is solely focused on the content management interface, but it does not support front-end experience. Headless CMS significantly changes this dynamic and relayed huge convenience and changes to the user’s experience. The gave more emphasis on boosting the back-end CMS while giving developers the freedom to use any design tool they want. Headless CMS is increasingly becoming a popular tool in the architecture of software developments.We have currently built a website for our client Welding Superstore whic uses headless cms. Gere is an example how it looks like https://www.weldingsuperstore.com.au/welding-torches/ 

API Utilisation

Headless CMS became popular among developers due to its capacity to allow them to build with API (Application Programming Interface) instead of calcified front-end systems. While traditional CMS gave an all-in-one solution in managing contents for websites, there are factors that will require developers to split individual components for better optimisation.

With great consideration to the fact that front-end hosting, CMS, service provider, and authentication systems just to name a few, exists somewhere in the digital world, API’s plays an essential role in accessing these elements. Thus, Headless CMS’ feature to use API made every easily accessible and utilised. It significantly enhanced the users’ experience especially when mobile use became the main tool used to surf online.  

Front-End Development Liberation

There are many Headless CMS provider available, most developers search for the most ideal one that can be paired with their chosen front-end framework. A Headless CMS that maintains data privacy and security and CMS customisation quality. It is an ideal Headless CMS for a company which desires to maintain its own hosting rights for data security purposes.

As technology advances, software development is going along with it. Same goes with the users’ online behaviour, it is continuously evolving and demanding for better experiences online. It is important for websites to use the latest trends in enhancing front-end quality to promote better user experience. At the end of the day, the sole purpose of these efforts is to make a sale. Thus, when a website is faulty, it will drag along the credibility, reputation, and sales of the company along with it.  

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